Group Sessions

Group classes at Roots Yoga studio in Toronto every Thursday from 7.15-8.15pm. All levels are welcome! For directions, click here. 

Private Sessions

You can also book a private yoga class with me. During a private class we work closely together to establish the suitable practice for you, depending on your range of motion or ailment you suffer from.  If someone feels lethargic I will focus on more upbeat poses through a vinyasa yoga style, whereas if someone is over worked and tired, I will bring more restorative elements into my class. Attention will also be on breathing exercises to energize the body and meditation will be a part of the class for those who are open to that. Classes are held at the client’s home or at the P3 health clinic.

For Packages and Rates, click here. 

Yoga: Group & Private SessionsYoga: Group & Private SessionsYoga: Group & Private Sessions