Nutritional Consultation

Initial Nutritional Consultation

The initial nutritional consultation is an in person meeting or telephone conversation of an hour.  Dietary intake, exercise and stress levels and supplementation are assessed. At the end of the intake, your first top 3 recommendations are given that need priority. If you wish more clarification or guidance with the implementation of these changes, you can book a follow-up or do a diet analysis.


If after the initial nutritional consultation, there are still many questions to be asked,  you can book a follow up. If you are dealing with more chronic issues that require more attention,  a follow up is recommended as well. Follow-ups are 30 minutes long.

Complete Nutritional Package

The complete nutritional package includes the initial nutritional consultation and 4 follow up meetings. This way you stay right on track, making sure you are reaching your health goals. The personalized nutritional package also offers you a 3 Day Personal Meal Plan based on your preferences and lifestyle.

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